Don Ed Hardy has earned the reputation to be called America’s greatest tattoo artist. In fifty years he has inked thousands of people and been a mentor to many young tattooists. But Don has always made art. From his early days as a printmaking student at the San Francisco Art institute, he has created idiosyncratic, expressionistic, Asian-influenced and deeply personal work…much different from his works on skin. But Don wanted a broader exposure for his art…to gallerists, museum curators and collectors.

Bill Russell Design was commissioned to create a web site that showcased his fine art. We produced a dynamic splash page, elegantly-presented interface, unique vertical navigation, slider galleries, informed sidebar captioning, bonus footer content, contact form filtering and an Instagram link. We have no doubt that with some strategic marketing steered to the site, Don will receive all the one-person shows and sales he so rightly deserves. Have a look at his new site here.

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