Bill Russell Design does SEO

 SEO Booster Tree by Bill RussellWe know that just as the proverbial tree that falls in the forest and won’t make a sound if no one’s there to hear it, your web site won’t be useful until it’s found in a Google search.

We can help. We can boost your site’s ranking in a search on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

Your site may require improved search engine optimization, that includes new content, key metadata, backlinks, cleaner code, well-researched page titles, descriptions and tags, a site map, Google Analytics or more.

Our one-time SEO Booster Package includes:

  • general site maintenance and content updates
  • SEO diagnosis report
  • site verification with search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) 
  • Google Verification and Analytics installation
  • research of competitor sites
  • installation all page titles, tags, keywords and descriptions
  • client consultations

All of the above for a one-time price of $450.

Bill Russell Design will provide you with a free review of your site’s current search engine optimization and provide possible solutions to your web site challenges. Call Bill at 415.491.9734

Our services include: video production, embedded eCommerce systems, custom marketing assessments and strategies, site hosting, site maintenance plans, branded Facebook Business pages, social networking integration, custom and tested html emails, mobile app design, Pay-per-click campaigns, photography, graphic design, illustration, logo design, and more.   email us for more info

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